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Freelance Fuel #019

Japanese rules for a quieter life, interview with Morning Brew's founder (there is a lot of gold here), and a minister who has some kind of opinion about work.

Freelance Fuel #018

Recommended reading for creative souls, the 5-second rule, the lazy-girl era, take what you're worth, and a (kind of) freelance blueprint.

Freelance Fuel #017

The marketing strategy you can steal, everything that kills your productivity, the IKEA effect, and a detailed hands-on approach to high-paying tasks on Upwork.

Freelance Fuel #016

Give your business an autumn upgrade, misogyny and the art of doing difficult things, freelance trends from the US, and inspiration for your personal website.

Freelance Fuel #015

Sell on retainer, freelance podcasts that should be on your radar, and how and why you should take a second look at your sleep.

Freelance Fuel #014

How to build the golden deal, Charlie Munger's model for better decisions, and why you shouldn't be like Rick Guerin.

Freelance Fuel #013

When busyness becomes a skip, how the bargain lifted a creative business, and how to use ChatGPT for upskilling.

Freelance Fuel #012

Podcast that deserves a-rotation, getting more out of your hard-earned traffic, Jim Carrey's legendary graduation speech, and how to start from scratch.

Freelance Fuel #011

The 5 best side hustles, buy leverage in your business, how to invest in your case studies and an exercise in your own obituary.

Freelance Fuel #010

Masterclass in monetizing your audience, routines from top performers, and the book you have to scroll on from if you are satisfied in your 9-5.

Freelance Fuel #009

AI upskilling, a beast from Hormozi that can give your business a serious boost, and hacks to look like a pro at the next client meeting.

Freelance Fuel #008

Practical guide to how you can move on from hourly rates, we put the customer experience on formula, hear from 4 successful solopreneurs.

Freelance Fuel #007

A no BS way to the first five customers, tricks for how you can collect more testimonials, the magic of the essentials, and of course the recommended tool of the week.

Freelance Fuel #006

We start the big side-hustle experiment and build the foundation, and then we look at a strategy for how you can introduce higher prices without losing customers.

Freelance Fuel #005

how a solopreneur runs a $1.3m business, objection action, how to create a more diverse income, and a life that is about more than just work.

Freelance Fuel #004

3 golden skills, tricks to automate the boring stuff in business, LinkedIn's algorithm update, and copywriting tips that sell!

Freelance Fuel #003

Decoy pricing, how Mark Cuban made his first dollars through RTFM - and how you can do the same, the art of saying no, lessons in great work, and recommended tools.

Freelance Fuel #002

Your website's prime real estate, anchor pricing, your first online dollar, tweak your LinkedIn content and how we work less.

Freelance Fuel #001

The price of a new vs. existing customer, how to move on from the hourly price, the actual risk of starting and a 3-step framework for growth in 2023.

Recommended tools

⚙️ OneSec

What: Delays access to selected apps, so you can just think about whether it is now worth your time.

Price: For free

⚙️ Loom


What: Easily record and share your screen with video of yourself. Loom saves you time on unnecessary meetings and easily keeps your customers in the loop.

Price: freemium with 25 free videos under 5 minutes

⚙️ Tinywow


What: Free tools that make everything from file compression to file conversions easy and simple. Tinywow is an essential in your toolbox.

Price: Free with a paid solution that (maybe) saves you a click.

⚙️ Copywriting Examples

copywriting examples

What: Collection of inspiring marketing copy, with a breakdown of which mechanisms they each use.

Price: For free

⚙️ Notion


What: all-in-one project management platform. You can largely manage your entire business through this, and can, among other things, give customers direct access to selected pages.

Price: Free for one-man bands or $8/month per user

⚙️ Temp Email


What: Temp Email gives you (as the name suggests) a temporary email with direct access to an "inbox". Make it easy to sign up for product demos, and keep your own inbox free of spam.

Price: For free