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We are the last freelance solution you will ever need

We are the last freelance solution you will ever need

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Admin expert - so you don't have to be

Admin expert - so you don't have to be

Factofly is designed with the sole purpose of making your life as an independent as easy as possible. We have created a platform, handling all your administration and helps you take your business from good to great.

We are rethinking the way you freelance, where you take care of the work and we handle all the boring stuff.


Our values

Our values

At the core of Factofly sit our values. They reflect the way we do business and how we treat each other. We are entrepreneurs through and through, and celebrate the courage to chase down that big idea and challenge the status quo.

It might sound a tiny bit pretentious, but this is what we try to celebrate internally and, of course, what sets the agenda for the product we are creating for our users.


We believe in freedom to go after the life of your dreams.


We believe in the courage to articulate that big dream and chase it down.


We believe in having the guts to hold yourself accountable for both the good and the bad stuff.

We needed a smarter way to do things

We needed a smarter way to do things

Jannik Flor Borg Factofly

Entrepreneurship has been running through mu veins ever since I put up a watermelon stand along the Copenhagen beaches at 14 years old. 

It was a fairly simple procedure back then: Buy low, sell high, and bag the money. I was living a care-free life without the slightest idea of the work it takes to run a "real" business. A lot has changed since, but that watermelon stand 30+ years ago has one central overlap to Factofly: It needs to be easy and simple to sell your expertise.

Factofly is about removing the barriers a freelancer or solopreneurs has, about trying out that good idea next to your 9-5 gig to see if there's a business somewhere and basically just getting paid for your work. Because that's what you need to be able to do without sleepless nights worrying about whether the VAT was filed correctly and on time. 

We're looking into a future where labour becomes a fluent, and freedom and flexibility will dominate. It has therefore been our ambition from day one to make it easy and accessable for everyone to be a part of the freedom economy. 

So, welcome to Factofly, and the last freelance solution you will ever need.


Jannik Flor Borg, Cand.jur., Founder & CEO

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