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Welcome to this week's edition of Freelance Fuel, where, as always, we share curated content that can hopefully inspire your business, or be the starting point to get started.

Today we look at how you can upgrade the most important part of your website, anchor pricing, small tweaks to LinkedIn content that generate sales, and how you can keep your earnings while working less.

Let's get started.

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🎨 The most important part of your website

above the fold

The most important share on your website, is called for ATF – or Above The Fold.

The "fold" is the part you as a visitor see very first, and this is where you decide whether you want to scroll further or click away.

When we look at what the statistics say, here you have a window of a few seconds to capture people's attention. Yes actually pointing research that it takes 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website(!).

Your ATF section is therefore something you can use a little powder on, since a visitor uses the whole thing 57% of the time on your page here.

So let's see how we can redesign one you can be inspired by. 

More customers for ammevejdelning.dk

Caroline is a friend of the house, and runs a midwife consultation on a daily basis under the name ammevejdelning.dk.

Her current ATF page is a slightly messy mess that looks like this.

breastfeeding guidance

Overall, there are five things we would like to tighten here:

  1. Caroline's menu bar takes up much more space than it needs. The ATF is prime real estate, so it is expensive pixels that are recorded here.
  1. The headline speaks to a problem. It's not completely bad, but we want our customers (exhausted mothers) to dream into a world with the solution in hand (a piece of breastfeeding that just slides).
  1. The body text is difficult to read when it is centered, and there are expressions – albeit important ones – that are repeated unnecessarily. Let's try to make it a little easier to read, and list the biggest confidence builders so that you can see them.
  1. You can call and you can write an email, but there is no clear call to action (CTA). If you want people to scroll further, or click buy now, then they need some help. (In fact, 7 out of 10 small business websites do not include a CTA.). If you are extra good, you will also get your text to communicate the result you create instead of just "book" or "buy".
  1. Finally, we really want to show the product in action. Best case scenario, it is Caroline in full swing with a session where we both see a happy mother and baby. Here we use the next best thing, namely what you are actually buying for: a loving and competent midwife and lactation consultant.

Putting it all together, we can design a new ATF for Caroline that looks like this:

Breastfeeding guide updated

Caroline is already using some social proof in the top bar. We pack a little more into the bullet list here, but if you have a golden testimonial, then finally get it in here. The best way to build trust is by showing how you have created results for others.

⚓️ Use anchor pricing to increase your earnings

anchor pricing

Anchor pricing is an effective psychological pricing strategy that you can use to advantage when negotiating your price.

When you actively use anchor pricing, you establish the value of your service with the recipient.

We ourselves are exposed to it on a daily basis. When you look at a wine list in a restaurant or when you shop for sneakers on sale. We unconsciously perceive the most expensive price as a base price. When the most expensive bottle of wine costs DKK 3,000, paying NOK 650 for another bottle is a bargain.

When the sneakers you're looking at no longer cost NOK 1,799 but NOK 1,299, you'll get a serious discount compared to the price anchor.

🖖 Tiered pricing

As a freelancer, tiered pricing is one of your best moves to implement anchor pricing.

And it is most likely not foreign to you.

You will typically offer three different packages – a bit like what you experience when you fly: Economy, economy plus and business.

When you use your anchor effectively, you will also price your premium solution so that your other packages act as a pocket grab. For this exercise you can also make use of decoy pricing, but we will cover that in the next edition.

🥷 When they zig, ya zag

Building an effective LinkedIn post means the difference between content that flops and hits.

Specifically, it's the difference between 0 sales and money in the box!

Mona Ganatra narrates here, how the same piece of content presented in two different ways performs:

📉 Item A: 3,000 impressions and 80 reactions

📈 Item B: 16,000 impressions, 192 reactions AND 2 sales

In a crowded feed, it's all about standing out.

  • Mona uses negative bias in her hook here. We will go to great lengths to avoid pain rather than achieve pleasure. “Sell painkillers not vitamins!”
  • "Everyone" makes 1-10 lists. Why not switch the order. People are damn curious about what's number 1.
  • Write like a real person and drop the boring platitudes. In a world where GPT creeps in everywhere, humor and humanity shine through.

💸 Your first online dollar

First online dollar

😱 Less work – more money

For the vast majority, the biggest reason why the choice falls on freelancing is, not surprisingly, the opportunity freedom and flexibility.

But it can often be difficult to break free from the pattern you come from in a 9-5 job, where you just have to work from there.

If you belong to those who have reduced their working hours considerably, you are often met with expressions such as "can you really do it".

Dan Koe talks here about how he follows a 4-hour working day, and what it means for a creative mind.

If you go and try to reduce the time you spend at work, the video here is 26 minutes, which is well spent.

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