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Welcome to this week's edition of Freelance Fuel, where, as always, we share curated content that can hopefully inspire your business, or be the starting point to get started.

Today we look at 3 skills you must have in 2023, tricks you can use to automate the boring things in business, LinkedIn's algorithm update, copywriting tips that land you clients, and of course one of our favorite tools.

Let's get started.

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🖖 3 competencies for 2023

Regardless of which profession you have chosen to give you butter on the bread, there are some finely honed skills that will ensure that you always land on top.

And no, it's not all about AI.

Always sharp Chris Do takes you here through the three most important things to focus on in 2023.

🙏 9 tricks to automate the boring stuff

One of the great joys of life as a solo cowboy is that you have free hands to do it all yourself.

One of the biggest headaches of life as a solo cowboy is that you actually have to do it all yourself!

But of course there is hope ahead.

Here are 9 tricks to automate all the boring things in your business:

#9 Use a professional platform to handle your invoicing for you, or reach into your pocket for a serious accounting solution.

#8 Hire a VA (virtual assistant).

#7 Integrate email inboxes and various productivity apps.

#6 Set up automatic reminders for recurring tasks.

And for the remaining 5, you can read them right here.

🗄 LinkedIn has updated the algorithm. Here's what you need to know:

linkedin update

LinkedIn has given their almighty algorithm an overhaul, and if you use the platform to draw attention to yourself, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Over the last few years, LinkedIn has experienced a 42% increase in the amount of shared content. With Covid, the content became far more snapshots from the home office and selfies, and with more and more people trying to cheat the algorithm, the amount of irrelevant content also increased.

The big change at LinkedIn is now about making your feed more relevant and informative, rather than "engaging and sticky".

The team would like to you are left with a feeling of being productive and successful which LinkedIn proudly uses, so it is now these types of posts that are getting air under their wings:

  • Overall, the focus is on content "knowledge and advice", which is prioritized across the platform.
  • Content that clearly speaks to a segment or niche.
  • Content from an "author" with authority - you must therefore show that you know what you are talking about, and be consistent about it.
  • Content with meaningful comments from the right niches, and not just "great stuff"
  • Content with a unique perspective.

In essence, LinkedIn wants to raise the level of the platform and increase its relevance to you.

Regardless, it is still the place to connect with future customers, and if you also want to be in front of them before they need you, you have the direction here ✌️

💸 30 copywriting tips that sell!

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⚙️ Recommended tool: Tinywow


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There are a ton of different options, it's completely free and your files are automatically deleted again after 15 minutes.

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