How unemployment benefit works with Factofly

Factofly gives you the freedom to pursue new opportunities, while at the same time you can keep your unemployment benefit.

compatible with unemployment benefits

Compatible with your daily allowance

Factofly is compatible with the vast majority of A-banks, and means that you can be paid for your work with full rights to your unemployment benefits.

Through Factofly you also get an employment contract for your freelance tasks. Your hours and income are reported to SKAT, where your A-kasse automatically pulls your information through.

A better alternative to receiving unemployment benefits with your own CVR no.

When you freelancer with own CVR number, your unemployment benefit is shortened to 30 weeks with supplementary unemployment benefit.

At Factofly, you will be a project employee.

And because you do not have a CVR number with us, you can keep your regular unemployment benefit of 104 weeks, and only use your supplementary weeks where you are active.

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Earning the right to unemployment benefit with Factofly

Extension and accrual of the right to daily allowance

As a freelancer and Factofly user you earn the right to unemployment benefit.

The number of hours you work through Factofly counts towards the total number of hours in relation to the accrual and extension of benefits from your social security fund.

Supplementary unemployment benefits

When you work part-time (i.e. between 1 and 36 hours in a week), you generally use 1 of your 30 weeks of supplementary unemployment benefit.

You can have up to 145.6 hours per month, corresponding to an average of 33.6 hours per week, and still receive supplementary unemployment benefit.

From Factofly's side, we use the start and end date you specify in your assignment together with the total number of hours in your employment contract. You submit this as documentation to your A-kasse.

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set-off in daily allowance

Offsetting in your benefit

By freelancing under Factofly, we make sure you stay minus the actual number of hours you work.

When you create a task with us, you specify the actual number of hours your work task will last. We state this number of hours in your employment contract, which you send to the unemployment fund. It will be the number of hours that you will be drawn - and not an approximate number based on a-kassen's conversion rate.

Per diem as a freelancer

It is not always easy to find your way around your rights to support as a freelancer, and it can often put a damper on your dreams of a freer working life.

A large part of Factofly's users have been in contact with the a-kasse system at one time or another. We therefore have very good experience in helping you get the financial support you are entitled to, while also allowing you to pursue the career of your dreams.

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Be a freelancer on unemployment benefits