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Quickly download our free invoice template that meets all applicable requirements. You can also read our detailed guide to, how to make an invoice as a private person, if you want to make it yourself from scratch.
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Invoice template

You can also invoice and leave the administration to Factofly

Factofly helps you as individuals with invoicing:

  • With Factofly you can get paid without a CVR number
  • We handle all taxes, VAT, deductions and pay your money as a normal salary
  • No binding. You only pay for what you use.
  • No need for insurance, business account or accounting software

Some things to be aware of when you download our free invoice template and send an invoice:

Legal requirements for invoices

When you write an invoice, there a number of requirements for information on the invoice. It includes, among other things:

  • Date
  • Place
  • Invoice number
  • VAT basis and a number of other things.

The template you download here meets all requirements and is set up correctly, regardless of whether you are looking for an invoice template for a private person, an invoice template for a consultant or other business use

If you would like to have the administration sorted out for you, you can Factofly cope with the administrative headache, and pay your money directly as a normal salary.

legal requirements for invoices
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What is an invoice?

An invoice or bill is a document that specifies and requires payment for the goods or services agreed between a supplier (you) and a customer.

An invoice specifies the service you, as a supplier, have provided, and informs, among other things, quantity, prices and payment terms.

Accounting obligation

All companies in Denmark have bookkeeping obligation.

For you as a business owner, this means that you have an obligation to store accounting material for 5 years.

When you use Factofly to get paid, we have your back, so you don't have to worry about saving old invoices. We handle it all for you.

Landing | Invoice template
invoice as a private person with factofly

You can also give yourself the gift of full focus

Get it all outsourced like more than 2,000 freelancers, solopreneurs and side hustlers who use Factofly to get paid without having to think about administration.

It's easy to get started, costs nothing when you use us, and allows you to focus fully on your business.

Administration on autopilot

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between an invoice and a receipt?

A receipt is a document that shows that a product or service has been paid for. Receipts are given or sent to the customer when they have completed a purchase and typically document the items purchased, the price of each item and the total price of the purchase.

An invoice is a bill sent to a customer for services or products that have been provided. The invoice documents what has been delivered as well as payment terms including price and due date.

What is the difference between an invoice and a bill?

An invoice and a bill are two words for the same thing and are used for a document that is given to the customer and shows which service or item the customer has purchased and must pay for. Typically, "invoice" is used when a company has to settle with another company, where a "bill" is given to a private person.