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Welcome to this week's edition of Freelance Fuel, where, as always, we share curated content that can hopefully inspire your business, or be the starting point to get started.

Today we look at a masterclass in making money from your audience, routines from some of the world's top performers, and the book you have to keep scrolling from if you're happy and satisfied in a 9-5 job.

Let's get started.

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💸 Masterclass in to convert attention to paying customers

Last week we shared Alex Hormozi's latest book launch, and corresponding content universe.

It was popular here in the newsletter, for good reason, so let's take a look at what we can learn from the way he rolled it all out.

Hormozi has recently said that his new book, $100M Leads, is already approaching the total sales of his last book, $100M Offers. The difference between the two books is that $100M Leads has been on sale for a week, while $100M Offers was released in July 2021.

🤓 So what can we learn from it?

A large part of the explanation is based on all the attention Hormozi has generated in the past two years.

But in addition to the increase in his number of followers, Hormozi has also used completely different strategies this time.

Learning #1: Make your offer so good that people can't resist buying.

Alex Hormozi promised 2-3 months ago that everyone who attended his 'live event' would get an extra gift. Through his content, AH has shown that he is a guarantor of quality, and an extra freebie is a classic lead magnet.

Learning #2: Promotion on all social platforms

Alex Hormozi has used all social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to promote his book. Many of the advertisements for the book are exactly the same content - but you can increase your reach with just one click by cross-posting the same piece of content on different platforms.

Learning #3: Affiliates and FOMO

Alex Hormozi has used yet another form of reciprocity in relation to Affiliates. His strategy here has been to get people to spread the word about his new book. Why would people do that though, you think?

Hormozi promised his affiliates that they would not only receive the secret gift, but also a secret chapter from his new book that would never see the light of day otherwise.

From attention to purchase

Hormozi has spent a long time building a foundation and an audience from which he can now reap the rewards. On a smaller scale, this can for example also include a mailing list 1,000 screaming fans.

Most important of all, it is the awareness of what it takes to move curious eyes to a buy button.

🔥 Routines from the top shelf

Daily Routines

Have you also listened through countless podcasts, with the world's top performers, and said to yourself that you should remember those tricks?

If you, as a self-employed person and freelancer, are just a little more aware of your daily habits and routines, the website routines.club is an absolute must-visit.

You can find everything from morning routines to recommended tools from some of the most famous contractors in the world.

We can recommend the section on James Clear, author of Atomic Habits.

🎥 The pathless path

In life there are two paths you can take 🛣

The default path, which is the path expected of you. Get an education, land a secure job, buy a car, advance in the ranks, buy a bigger car, reap lots of recognition, and a clear look at how life will shape up until retirement.

And then there is the pathless path.

If you choose that path, your career is full of adventure, but also a greater degree of uncertainty. The satisfaction of the pathless path, however, comes on a scale that a corporate job has great difficulty delivering on.

Mega YouTuber Ali Abdaal swapped his job as a doctor for his current line of work after learning about The Pathless Path.

Here he gives you a breakdown in 15 minutes.

If you flirt with life as your own boss, this is a dangerous acquaintance.

🖖 Calm down the mind

Cody Sanchez

🏛 Old rich: money and material goods.

🏝 New rich: time, freedom and not least peace.

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