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Welcome to this week's edition of Freelance Fuel, where, as always, we share curated content that can hopefully inspire your business, or be the starting point to get started.

Today we look at AI upskilling, a beast from Hormozi that can give your business a serious boost, hacks to look like a pro at the next customer meeting, and of course the tool of the week.

Let's get started.

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👾 AI upskilling

ai upskilling

AI is here, there and everywhere, and for good reason.

We hardly need to preach the virtues here, but it may make sense to address some of the concerns many share.

Because when we talk to freelancers, there is typically a smaller group who are hugely tech positive and try AI wherever they can.

And then there is the other group. 

Here there is a slightly nervous vibe about whether you will now be replaced by a piece of software in the near future, which results in a distancing from everything to do with AI.

If you therefore want to future-proof yourself and your income just a little, then Google is out with a short course in Generative AI over ten modules.

🤓 You can go full-on nerd mode right here.

🔥 More fire on the flare

Alex Hormozi (yes, the one we've almost had with us the last 4 times) is on the streets with something of a banger. 

In connection with his new book, $100m leads, he has pushed a serious masterclass on the street.

In addition to the fact that there is of course an absurd amount of value to be had, it is completely and utterly free! (This is content you would probably drop a few thousand dollars for with other business coaches!)

🚀 If you just have a slim ambition to grow your penis a little, then we can only recommend that get on board this buffet, where he shares everything from his strategies for the first 5 customers to how to scale the business. 

🎥 Look like an action hero for the customer meeting

There's nothing that screams "get things under control" like a solid camera setup when you're video calling with clients.

And no, looking down into the camera in poor lighting is not the trick.

It doesn't have to be a difficult or cumbersome process to look like someone who knows what's going on.

Wistia gives you 5 short videos with hacks on how to look like a pro for your next client meeting. 

💯 Start with 100

⚙️ Recommended tool: Toools.design


Toools.design is a collection of more than 1,000 tools, inspiration, blogs, podcasts, books, icons and everything else that can help you deliver cool projects.

Great recommendation from here.

You will find Toolos right here.

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