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🤝 Existing and new customers

existing customers

Do you know how much it really costs to get a new customer compared to keeping an existing one?

The answer is up to 5x!

It is of course always a sign that the business is growing when a new customer enters the fold. But if this happens at the expense of the old customers leaking out the other end, then it is time to give your business a second look.

According to Super office, then the biggest reason customers churn is that they “thought the supplier no longer cared about them”!

So remember to throw some extra love at your current customers.

They are expensive to lose.

💸 Is it time to upgrade your pricing structure?

price structure

We are still busy collecting responses to our survey about freelancing in Denmark, and if you haven't already spent 4 minutes answering a few questions, you can do it right here.

And on top of that, be part of the competition for a pair of AirPods. 

One of the currently strong insights we have unearthed is the overwhelming use of pure hourly pricing. At the time of writing, this is the case for more than 55%!

So here just a call to differentiate your price mix, depending on the customer and the project.

Among some of the most popular are of course:

  • Straightforward and tangible project-based price
  • The hand-on-the-stove price known as value based price
  • The strategically clever phase-based price

If you need a little more detail, we have it a solid article you can give a look here.However, phase-based pricing is not included in our article, but fortunately it is Chris Do made some content about this.

🦅 Risk

The perceived risk of starting their own biks makes most people constantly put off the first step.

The real risk perhaps lies to a greater extent in standing in, and especially looking back on, a career you do not enjoy.

It is a myth that you have to risk all your savings to pursue a dream of being your own boss.

If you are unsure whether there is a basis for your business, start small alongside your permanent job - just make sure you are not subject to a strict non-compete clause of the old school.

You can possibly do like Morten Lyth, and build a business foundation before the boss gets fired.

🤓 Start from 0 in 2023

ali abdal

How would a YouTuber with over 4,000,000 subscribers start from scratch today?

For Ali Abdal, it's about breaking things down into a 3-step framework - and it can also be copied even if you don't necessarily dream of becoming the next YT star.

1. Get going

The big barrier for many people is their fear of what others will think. In reality, it is primarily about getting started and creating an output.

2. Get good

The second step revolves around becoming good (enough). In his YouTube perspective, the skills can be broken down into 3 parts: editing, thumbnail creation, and the art of talking to the camera.

For a freelancer within, for example, digital marketing, it could be called: value-creating offer, technical level, and reporting.

3. Get smart

Ali's third step is to get people to click on his videos, get them to stick around, and leave them satisfied. That part is not that different from a customer journey for a freelancer.

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