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If you need answers, the team is always ready to help you.
There are different ways you can get hold of us:


Factofly Aps
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 41
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We are open by phone every day between 9am and 5pm.


You are very welcome to use the chat in the right corner. If you can't see it, please click your adblocker off.
We will reply as quickly as we can and will always follow up the next working day if you have sent us a message late at night.

Contact Factofly. We here for you.

If you need answers, the team is always ready to help you.
There are different ways you can get hold of us:


Factofly Aps
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 41
1434, Kbh K
CVR: DK39781689



We are open by phone every day between 9am and 5pm.


You are very welcome to use the chat in the right corner. If you can't see it, please click your adblocker off.
We will reply as quickly as we can and will always follow up the next working day if you have sent us a message late at night.

If you need a quick answer,
you can typically also find it under frequently asked questions here:

How to send an invoice to an EAN number?2023-07-25T15:28:44+02:00

As a private individual, you can send an EAN invoice through Factofly.

As a company, you can use's self-service service. It is free.

You can also choose to use private actors who typically charge between 8 and 20 kroner to send the invoice for you.

In most popular accounting programs, you can automatically send EAN invoices.

What should an invoice contain?2023-07-25T15:21:12+02:00

When you set up an invoice, it must contain:

  • Invoice date
  • Due date and payment terms
  • Invoice number
  • Customer information
  • Supplier information
  • Summary of work done or goods sold
  • Account details
How to create an invoice?2023-07-25T15:14:37+02:00

You can make an invoice through an accounting program, you can use one invoice template or you can choose to design your own and set it up all by yourself.

When you make an invoice, make sure to include all the details about your customer, you as a supplier and the work you have done.

What is an invoice?2023-07-25T15:10:11+02:00

An invoice is essentially a statement of work performed, which describes which service or item is involved, who bought and who sold, how much outstanding the buyer has to the seller (i.e. the price), when payment must be made at the latest and where.

When and how can I get my holiday pay?2023-04-19T18:19:46+02:00

We transfer your holiday money to your holiday account no later than the 15th of the month after we have paid you a salary.

Holiday account typically takes a few days before you can see the money in your holiday account, but it is typically available around the 20th of the month after you have been paid.

You can request to have your holiday pay paid out directly from Vacation account.

Can I get a deduction for subscriptions that are paid 12 months at a time?2023-03-01T10:27:49+01:00

We can help you get deductions for expenses you incur during the period you use Factofly to get paid.

For example, if you have an expense for the Adobe package that you pay for one year at a time, your expense will be divided into 12 and deductions will be given in the months you invoice work through Factofly.


Do you use Worksome? 

You can easily use Worksome and Factofly at the same time.

You just use Factofly's CVR number and invoice the tasks from Worksome through us.

Our CVR number is: 39781689

Early payout2022-12-13T11:35:15+01:00

Quick payout of your money, regardless of how long your customer gives you a payment deadline.

This is how it works:

👉 If we can make a positive credit assessment of your customer, a magic box will appear when you create an invoice.
Here you can request to get your money out (almost) immediately.
It costs up to 1,95% of your invoice.

⚡️When you have submitted the invoice, we will then obtain a confirmation from your customer that the invoice fits and the work has been carried out according to the agreement you have made.
Once we have received the approval, we will then make the transfer to you.
If you have the same bank as us (Sydbank), the money is with you immediately. Otherwise, you can expect them the next banking day.

Can Factofly pay into my pension?2022-12-13T11:34:55+01:00

Factofly can pay into your pension for you. 

You can get a deduction for up to NOK 64,347 incl. AM contribution (2022) on an installment pension.

In addition, there are no restrictions on deductions from a lifetime annuity. 


Contact us to hear more.

Can I get a deduction through Factofly?2022-12-13T11:34:28+01:00

When you use Factofly, as a rule of thumb, you can get a deduction for expenses you incur in connection with the work you invoice for. 

You must ensure that you have created a task before your purchase. 

Expenses related to your duties may include (but are not limited to):

  • Office hotel
  • Software
  • Research material
  • Transportation
  • Tool
  • Equipment


Contact us if you are in doubt as to whether your expense is deductible.

Is VAT due on your invoice?2023-02-20T09:54:20+01:00

When you use Factofly, VAT is due on the invoice, even if you haven't made sales of DKK 50,000 yet.

Remember that if your customer is a business, then they get a refund for the VAT, and it therefore has no influence on your price.

Unfortunately, you cannot invoice without VAT through Factofly.

This means that if you offer VAT-free services such as some types of education, health treatments; including chiropractic, physiotherapy and certain artistic companies, unfortunately you cannot use Factofly.

Are you in doubt? Then call or write to us on the chat.

Can I use Factofly even if I am not a freelancer?2022-11-02T10:07:42+01:00

We have built Factofly for the needs you face as a freelancer and self-employed person. But even if you don't call yourself a freelancer, you can still use our service as long as you sell your time and expertise.

Does Factofly also offer freelance tasks?2022-08-25T16:47:28+02:00

No. You can use Factofly to get paid for your work, but we are not a freelance platform where you can find assignments.

What do I do if there are errors in the invoice I have sent?2022-08-25T16:47:54+02:00

If an invoice needs to be recalled for one reason or another, simply contact us by phone (71 96 00 54), email ( or chat.

We make sure to send a credit note to your customer, and you can then create a new adjusted invoice.

What happens if the customer does not pay?2022-08-25T16:48:18+02:00

If, contrary to expectations, your customer does not pay, we chase your money. We first send a friendly reminder, then a reminder and if payment is still not received, we are ready to take it all the way to the bailiff's court.

However, we fully understand that there is a customer relationship that needs to be nurtured, and will always have you in the loop before we contact your customer.

Should I set up my own company as a freelancer if I earn more than DKK 50,000?2022-09-27T12:25:35+02:00

As a private individual, you have the option of invoicing VAT-free in your own CPR number up to DKK 50,000 per year. That amount must of course be reported to SKAT, and you must subsequently be registered for VAT as, for example, a sole proprietorship when you cross the DKK 50,000 limit.

When you use Factofly, there is neither an upper nor a lower limit to how much you can invoice, as you are associated with Factofly as an employee in a project employment. This means that even if your earnings exceed DKK 50,000, you can continue to let Factofly handle your administration, and there is therefore no requirement to establish your own company.

Can I use Factofly with a CVR number?2022-08-25T16:49:06+02:00

Factofly is designed so that private individuals can invoice and get paid without their own CVR number. If you have activities in your own company that you want to have managed, we are unfortunately not the right solution for you.

Even if you have your own company, you can still use Factofly as a private person on the side. It can, for example, be if you plan to shut down your company in order to freelance with more freedom. You are always welcome to contact us to find out how our solution fits your needs.

How am I insured through Factofly?2022-08-25T16:51:19+02:00

One of the advantages of using Factofly is that you, as a freelancer or self-employed person, are insured during work. In order for us to insure you, you must create a task in the system before you start your work.

The insurance includes professional liability insurance and professional injury insurance.
Professional liability insurance is if you inflict or cause damage to your customer. Professional injury insurance covers if you yourself are injured.

Factofly also offers adviser insurance. Contact us for more information.

Can I pay into a pension through Factofly?2022-08-25T16:51:47+02:00

If you want to pay into a pension, contact us at

You can either use your existing pension company, or we can help you get started.

Is holiday pay deducted from the amount I invoice?2023-11-01T16:30:42+01:00

12.5% of your invoice (after Factofly's service fee) will be paid to your holiday account.

Although this means that you will be paid a little less immediately, you still have direct access to your money.

We transfer your holiday money to your holiday account no later than the 15th of the month after we have paid you a salary.

Holiday account typically takes a few days before you can see the money in your holiday account, but it is typically available around the 20th of the month after you have been paid.

Do I earn holiday pay when I use Factofly?2023-11-01T16:26:26+01:00

Yes, 12.5% of the payment we receive from your customer is paid out as holiday pay to you.

The calculation (before taxes) will therefore look like this if, for example, you have invoiced DKK 1,000, e.g. VAT:

Invoice amount ex. VAT: DKK 1,000.
Factofly fee: DKK 60.
Deposit to holiday account (12.5%): DKK 117.50. (before taxes)
Salary payment: DKK 822.50. (before taxes)

When you price yourself, remember to take this into account in your price.

I am not a Danish citizen - can I use Factofly?2022-08-25T12:36:20+02:00

If you are an EU citizen, you are free to use Factofly. If you do not come from an EU country, you must have a valid work permit issued in Denmark or from a country recognized by Denmark. As a non-EU citizen, you must contact us when you register, so that we can ensure that you get off to a good start.

Are there any limits to how much I can invoice?2022-08-25T13:17:10+02:00

No. There are no limits to how much you can invoice via Factofly.

Can I send an invoice without VAT?2022-08-25T16:53:12+02:00

Factofly is VAT registered, and must therefore settle VAT according to the current Danish rules. Before we send an invoice, we check whether the invoiced services are subject to VAT.

I have to work with a customer for a long period of time – what do I do?2022-08-25T16:53:49+02:00

If you are going to have a long-term collaboration with a customer, we recommend that you draw up a collaboration agreement so that everything formal is under control. You can use our standard contracts, which you get by writing to us at Here you and your customer fill in the various information and then submit it to us.

Remember that if you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us.

Can I pre-invoice via Factofly?2022-08-25T16:54:14+02:00

Yes you can. In that case, an agreement must be made between FactoFly and your customer before you can send the first invoice. You can get that agreement by writing to us at

You fill in your customer's name and address, a description of what is to be delivered, any partial deliveries and future invoicing.

Can I use Factofly even if I am registered as a poor payer?2022-08-25T16:54:46+02:00

Yes, you can. However, you should be aware that SKAT or other public bodies may choose to withhold part of your salary, and we are obliged to follow this. Contact us if there are special circumstances we need to be aware of, and then we will see how we can help you as best as possible.

My customer requires a long payment period – can I get the money earlier?2022-08-25T16:55:21+02:00

Yes you can. Contact us to hear about the possibilities of getting the money immediately.

When will my salary be paid?2022-08-25T16:56:16+02:00

We endeavor to pay your salary as soon as we have received it in our account. We handle many invoices and payments every day, so it can take a maximum of two working days from the time we receive the money until it is in your account. You can always follow the status of your invoice on your Factofly profile.

Can I invoice to another country?2022-08-25T16:56:41+02:00

Yes, you can easily invoice to another country. When you create the invoice, you choose which currency is to be used on your invoice.
Our invoice and systems are prepared to be able to handle foreign invoices and payments.

How much will I be set off in unemployment benefits?2022-08-25T16:57:36+02:00

When you create a task with us, you specify the number of hours your work task will last. We state this number of hours in your employment contract, which you send to the unemployment fund. This will be the number of hours that you will be deducted from daily allowance.

How much of my supplementary daily allowance do I use with Factofly?2022-08-25T16:58:07+02:00

As a starting point, you use 1 of your 30 weeks' supplementary unemployment benefit when you work part-time (between 1 and 36 hours) in a week.

We use the start and end date that you specify in your assignment as well as the total number of hours in your employment contract, which we draw up and which you hand in to your unemployment insurance fund.

This means that if you have a task of, for example, 37 hours, which starts on Monday and ends, for example, on Sunday, then you do NOT use supplementary unemployment benefit. If you have an assignment of 37 hours that starts on Wednesday and ends the following week, you will use 2 additional weeks.

On your daily allowance card, you can state that you do not wish to receive supplementary daily allowance for the week in question. Perhaps you have worked 35 hours and do not want to spend one week on 2 hours of unemployment benefit, while the following week you have worked 4 hours and would like to be supplemented.

You can have up to 145.6 hours per month (equivalent to 33.6 hours on average per week) and still receive supplementary unemployment benefit.

Can I use Factofly while I am on unemployment benefit?2022-08-25T16:58:37+02:00

Yes, a freelance agency like FactoFly is a good idea to use while you are on unemployment benefits. When you freelance with your own CVR number, your unemployment benefit is shortened to 30 weeks - when you use Factofly, you keep your regular unemployment benefit period of 104 weeks. By using Factofly, you also get an employment contract for your freelance tasks, and we give your hours and income to the Tax Office, from which the unemployment fund draws information.

Do I earn the right to unemployment benefit when I use Factofly?2022-08-25T16:59:01+02:00

Yes, you earn the right to unemployment benefit when you use FactoFly. The number of hours you work through FactoFly counts towards the total number of hours in relation to earning the right to unemployment benefit and extension of unemployment benefit.

Can I get a deduction for expenses?2022-08-25T16:59:42+02:00

Yes, you can get a deduction for the expenses that are directly linked to the task you are invoicing.

You upload your attachments directly under your account.

How does an invoice sent via Factofly look like?2022-08-25T17:00:09+02:00

You can see an example of what your invoice sent through Factofly looks like right here.

How is my salary calculated?2022-09-30T14:34:52+02:00

As a self-employed person at Factofly, you get a salary and payslip just as you know it from a regular job. The big difference is that you have the option to deduct expenses before you pay tax. This means you can enjoy all the goodness of having your own company, just without all the administration.

Exactly what's paid out depends on your tax rate and deductions.

You can find our salary calculator to see what your salary will look like.

How safe is my money with you?2022-08-25T17:00:59+02:00

Your safety and security is the most important thing to us, and we do everything to ensure that you and your money are completely safe. We have entered into an extended collaboration with our audit, which continuously looks over our shoulders and ensures that everything is as it should be. We are also registered as an employer, which means that you are also covered by the Wage Earners' Guarantee Fund.