How deductions work with Factofly

Factofly can help you tax optimize your income. But what can you deduct and what can't you deduct when you use Factofly to manage your business?

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How do deductions work?

When using Factofly, as a rule of thumb all expenses directly relating to your tasks are deductible.

We are on target for the deductions that are given, and therefore deductions can also only be given if it is within the period you have used Factofly for invoicing.

What can I get a deduction for?

Expenses related to your duties may include (but are of course not limited to):

  • Office hotel
  • Software
  • Research material
  • Transport costs
  • Tool
  • Equipment

It is not always easy to find out what you can and cannot get a deduction for, so contact us if you are in doubt as to whether your expense is deductible.

What can you get a deduction for?
Deductions at Factofly in practice

How does it look in practice?

For example, if you invoice a customer NOK 50,000 (ex. VAT), with an included expense of NOK 10,000, you will get NOK 30,608 paid out against NOK 26,808 without.

You can see how your income through Factofly will look like through salary calculator. Here you can also enter your own tax conditions for an accurate calculation.

If you have expenses surpassing your income, then get in touch with us directly and we can see if we can find a solution.

Are there any special conditions I should be aware of?

There is a magic limit with Skat of DKK 3,000. For expenses you have below that, you simply have to save your receipt - in good Danish also known as a cash receipt. Do you have expenses of more than DKK 3,000 per device, so contact us before you bear the cost, as we need more details about the purchase here.

Easy handling of attachments

When you have a work-related expense, make sure to save the receipt.

You take a picture of your attachment and upload it easily and simply under your profile.

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