Insurance during work with Factofly

This is how you are covered when you use Factofly

Insurance through factofly

We manage your statutory insurances

If the accident happens, your private insurance will rarely cover if the injury occurred in a work context. Therefore, it is important that you have control over yours insurance as self-employed freelancer.

As a Factofly user, you can have peace of mind as you are automatically insured during work - without it costing you extra.

As we cannot insure you on the back end, just make sure you create a task before you start your work and you are covered.

Professional liability insurance

Your coverage through Factofly spans the two statutory insurances.

One is liability insurance, which covers you if you cause damage to someone else's property or person in a business context.

Personal injury in particular can lead to high compensation claims, and if you have to work physically at your customer's place, this insurance will protect you if the accident happens.

professional liability insurance under factofly
Professional injury insurance with factofly

Professional injury insurance

Professional accident insurance is your other statutory insurance, which you are automatically covered by through Factofly.

You know it as accident insurance, and covers you if you yourself are injured during a task.

Compensation for lost working ability and the like is, here too, rarely covered by your private insurance. Factofly's occupational injury insurance is therefore also with you if you yourself are injured.

Extended adviser liability insurance

If you advise clients on large projects, adviser liability insurance may be required.

As a Factofly user, advisor liability insurance is extended does not part of our standard insurance.

We can prepare a solution specifically for you if you need coverage as an adviser.

Adviser liability insurance with factofly
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Who can't we insure?

In a few cases we cannot offer insurance as part of our solution. This happens if your profession belongs to a high-risk category.

"Ordinary" freelance work as a photographer, graphic designer, translator, consultant, developer etc. is no problem.

But if, for example, you make your money as a Wolt bid or through demolition work, we cannot immediately deliver a solution for you. You are always welcome to contact us to find out more.