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Invoice as a private individual with Factofly

We'll help you get paid w/o having to register your own company.

Invoice factfly

Invoice like a business

Factofly lets you send an invoice w/o an org. number so you don't have to waste time on administration.

Send invoices to your customers and get paid as a private person.

When you send an invoice through Factofly, your details appear clearly on the invoice.

This means that your customers can easily see which piece of work they receive an invoice for.

If you also want to show that you run your business with Factofly as a partner, you can insert one Powered by Factofly badge on your website.

Invoices without amount limits

When you use Factofly, there is neither an upper nor a lower limit to what you can invoice.

As a Factofly user, you use our CVR number, and you are therefore not subject to the DKK 50,000 limit for how much you can invoice with your own personal identification number.

invoice as a company

Notified with every step

Every time your invoice changes status, you automatically receive a notification.

When your money is qualified for payment, the money will typically hit your account the same day, and most often within a few hours.

you are automatically updated in the process
invoice globally with factofly

Invoices globally

Whether your customer is in Præstø or Paris makes no difference.

With Factofly you can invoice abroad without any troubles.

VAT invoicing with factofly

VAT invoicing

As a Factofly user you are invoicing with VAT, when it's a domestic customer.

This because you are hired on a project basis with us, and the invoice is sent under Factofly's name and org. number.

When it comes to the agreed price, make sure that it is always exclusive of VAT. This is typically not a problem when you deal with business customers, but make sure you are ready when it comes to private customers, as they cannot get the VAT refunded again.

The VAT rate in Denmark is 25%, and if you have, for example, an hourly price of DKK 400 ex. VAT, your hourly price including VAT will be: 400 + (400/100*25) = 500.
When we receive payment from your customer, we set aside the VAT (in this case the DKK 100) and report it to the Tax Office. Your salary is therefore calculated based on your price, e.g. VAT.

You can always visit ours salary calculator to see what your paid salary through Factofly looks like. If you are in doubt as to whether your service is subject to VAT or not, you are always welcome to contact us.

VAT invoicing typically applies in nine out of ten cases. Artistic activities and services within teaching and training are, among other things, subject to payroll and thus exempt from VAT.

EAN invoicing as a private person

EAN, digital and e-invoicing

Public institutions and most larger companies only receive invoicing via EAN or e-invoicing.

E-invoicing is not just an invoice sent via email, but a fully electronic system for handling invoices. EAN invoicing falls under this umbrella but is not such a difficult exercise again. If you would like to send an EAN invoice yourself, is the easiest way to use virk.dk's own self-service system. There are several private actors who charge a small amount to send EAN invoices for you, but if you do it yourself, give virk's system a look first.

When you invoice through Factofly, we manage everything for you. You can therefore easily enter your customer's EAN number when you create them under your profile. When you then send an invoice to your customer, we ensure that it is automatically sent via EAN.

Regardless of how your customer prefers to be invoiced, it can be easily handled through Factofly, so you don't have to set up an invoice program yourself.

Template for invoicing

Did you land here hoping to find an invoice template and not because you were in the mood to let Factofly do the legwork for you?

Of course, we have a template that meets all applicable regulations. You can read about what you need to keep track of, and download your invoice template right here.

invoice template
Can I pre-invoice via Factofly?2022-08-25T16:54:14+02:00

Yes you can. In that case, an agreement must be made between FactoFly and your customer before you can send the first invoice. You can get that agreement by writing to us at kontrakt@factofly.com.

You fill in your customer's name and address, a description of what is to be delivered, any partial deliveries and future invoicing.

Can I invoice to another country?2022-08-25T16:56:41+02:00

Yes, you can easily invoice to another country. When you create the invoice, you choose which currency is to be used on your invoice.
Our invoice and systems are prepared to be able to handle foreign invoices and payments.

How does an invoice sent via Factofly look like?2022-08-25T17:00:09+02:00

You can see an example of what your invoice sent through Factofly looks like right here.

How to send an invoice to an EAN number?2023-07-25T15:28:44+02:00

As a private individual, you can send an EAN invoice through Factofly.

As a company, you can use virk.dk's self-service service. It is free.

You can also choose to use private actors who typically charge between 8 and 20 kroner to send the invoice for you.

In most popular accounting programs, you can automatically send EAN invoices.

How to create an invoice?2023-07-25T15:14:37+02:00

You can make an invoice through an accounting program, you can use one invoice template or you can choose to design your own and set it up all by yourself.

When you make an invoice, make sure to include all the details about your customer, you as a supplier and the work you have done.

What happens if the customer does not pay?2022-08-25T16:48:18+02:00

If, contrary to expectations, your customer does not pay, we chase your money. We first send a friendly reminder, then a reminder and if payment is still not received, we are ready to take it all the way to the bailiff's court.

However, we fully understand that there is a customer relationship that needs to be nurtured, and will always have you in the loop before we contact your customer.

What should an invoice contain?2023-07-25T15:21:12+02:00

When you set up an invoice, it must contain:

  • Invoice date
  • Due date and payment terms
  • Invoice number
  • Customer information
  • Supplier information
  • Summary of work done or goods sold
  • Account details
What do I do if there are errors in the invoice I have sent?2022-08-25T16:47:54+02:00

If an invoice needs to be recalled for one reason or another, simply contact us by phone (71 96 00 54), email (kontakt@factofly.com) or chat.

We make sure to send a credit note to your customer, and you can then create a new adjusted invoice.

What is an invoice?2023-07-25T15:10:11+02:00

An invoice is essentially a statement of work performed, which describes which service or item is involved, who bought and who sold, how much outstanding the buyer has to the seller (i.e. the price), when payment must be made at the latest and where.

Are there any limits to how much I can invoice?2022-08-25T13:17:10+02:00

No. There are no limits to how much you can invoice via Factofly.

Most frequently asked questions about invoicing with Factofly

Get answers to some of the questions about how it works when invoicing and getting paid through Factofly. If you did not get an answer to what you were looking for, you must always call us on 71 96 00 54.