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Some things to be aware of when sending a freelance contract to your client:

How long the agreement extends over

Your freelance contract must reflect what is officially called the term of the agreement. Is it a one-off project or is it an ongoing agreement?

Remember that you must not only pay attention to notice of termination/term, but also whether you are guaranteed some minimum work during the agreement or during a possible notice period. The contract template for freelancers you can download here naturally has a framework you can lean on.

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freelance invoice template

Notice of termination

The good freelance contract always has a section about notice of termination. Both for you and your customer.

The contract must help to protect you if your customer changes his mind along the way.

Task description

Here you must be very clear about the description of the work, and here you must not take anything for granted either.

A good rule of thumb is that you should write the task description so that an outsider who has no knowledge of the project can quickly see what is to be delivered. Under this point, it is also important, e.g. to state how many proofreadings are included in the assignment and at what price everything in addition costs. 

freelance invoice template
freelance invoice template

Price and payment

How much does it cost to reach the goal, is it settled according to the hourly rate or the project rate, and what happens if extra work is delivered? Under price and payment, you must include all details, including how invoicing takes place and how often.


Normally, it is your customer who owns all rights over the work you do. An exception may be if your customer is only allowed to use your work for a certain period or certain format, e.g. web and if they want to use it in print then you must have additional compensation.

freelance invoice template
freelance invoice template


This section is important in case something happens. Fortunately, it's not that often, but you can run the risk of being hit by quite severe compensation claims if it all goes down.

In the contract template here, the compensation claim cannot exceed your payment for the work. You should be firm on that point.

Furthermore, you must remember that your private insurance does not cover you here. You can either contact your insurance company, or you can read more about how you are covered through Factofly here. 


Many projects are subject to confidentiality as standard. In the contract here, you also give your customer the opportunity to include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), if the need is there.

freelance invoice template
freelance invoice template


Be very clear about what happens if the project is delayed.

In the contract template for freelancers you have here, it is described by default how you, as a freelancer, are not responsible for delays that have occurred because your client has been a little too slow.

The contract also describes that tasks in July and December may be delayed due to holidays, but it is in any case a good idea to have canceled any holidays before the project starts.


Unfortunately, it happens that some gravel gets into the machinery, and there are disagreements between customer and supplier. Make sure you have described what should happen in that case and how the problem should be solved.

In the contract template here, a standard section about handling discrepancies between you and your customer is included.

freelance invoice template

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