What are the advantages of being self-employed?

One self employed entrepreneur is defined as a person who runs his own business and is therefore self-sufficient. In contrast to e.g. salaried employees, a self-employed person does not work for an employer and therefore usually has greater flexibility and self-determination as well as several other advantages, which we will get into in more detail in this article.

One self employed freelancer is most often described as an independent trader who solves both large and small tasks for other companies. This is most often B2B, and you are therefore not employed as self employed freelancer, but are instead hired on various tasks at companies, where companies buy the freelancer's services.

How to become a digital nomad

Life as a digital nomad

In recent years, there has been a greater and greater focus on well-being in working life and the famous 'work-life balance'. This has resulted in a smaller showdown against the traditional full-time job, with many looking for greater freedom and flexibility. A kind of 'get rid of the hamster wheel' movement, where more and more people have opened their eyes to other and new ways of working.

This is also one of the reasons why the number of independent freelancers has grown significantly. It is part of the labor market, which is in strong growth, where many gradually enjoy life as digital nomad and the many benefits that come with it.

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100% online

As a digital nomad, you work 100% online and can therefore work anywhere as long as you have your computer and an internet connection. It creates completely new opportunities to travel and take work with you, spend more time with family or simply adjust working hours so that work is adapted to your life and everyday life and not the other way around. 

As a digital nomad, you therefore have the opportunity to design your own working life as you wish. It is a way of working that gives greater opportunities to optimize your work well-being and to have a greater focus on your quality of life.

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What are the advantages of being self-employed?


Your advantages as a freelancer are many, and the top of the list is clearly dominated by greater control over your time. You can completely choose when you want to work and how much. It provides a completely new flexibility, where you have the opportunity to adapt the work to your everyday life and not the other way around. The increased flexibility can especially be an advantage if you e.g. have small children or would like the opportunity to spend more time with the family. 💸




With flexibility also comes freedom. As a self-employed person, you are your own boss and can make all decisions in your company yourself. It gives you freedom in terms of working hours, choice of work tasks, and you can also choose your own colleagues.

As a self-employed person, you also don't have to ask for permission to take a holiday, there's no one you have to call in sick to, and if it gets monotonous or boring, you can always take your business in a new and exciting direction.

Keep your passion

With greater flexibility and freedom, you also have a greater opportunity to maintain your passion at work. Passion is really important to maintain your spark and quality in work.

As a self-employed person, you don't have to wait to be promoted, you can turn down less attractive work assignments, so you have the opportunity to pursue your passion. In addition, many are also far more passionate about working for their own company rather than someone else's.



Opportunity to create something new

There is a very special satisfaction in creating something from scratch and watching it grow. You will always have the opportunity to develop at your own pace and implement new initiatives and angles when you see fit.

You can see your own business flourish without having to wait years for new initiatives or promotions, as most people in a regular full-time job do.

Potential for high income

Although many associate being self-employed with a fluctuating or uncertain economy, it cannot be ruled out that life as a self-employed person brings with it a great potential for high income.

Unlike a traditional salaried job, where the salary is fixed regardless of how hard you work or how efficient you are, as a self-employed person there is no limit to how much you can earn.



Personal development

When you jump into life as a self-employed person, you will automatically have to acquire new knowledge and new skills. As a self-employed person, you wear many hats, at the same time, e.g. both within management, sales, marketing, and much more.

In addition, life as an independent worker will often help develop your mindset, belief in yourself and new ways of looking at things. The constant learning and development, which you can more or less take at your own pace, can be very enriching.

Management of the working environment

You create your own working environment, so you can design a workplace that suits your preferences and your working style.

You decide entirely for yourself whether you want to work from home at a desk or from the sofa, rent an office, sit in a café, or even work while traveling. You also choose when you want to take your lunch break and who you want to work with, which is a big part of the working environment.



Potential for work-life and home balance

A major challenge that most wage earners have in our modern world is balancing work, family and leisure. It can be difficult to achieve it all and find the right balance.

One of the big advantages that self employed, is that you can better prioritize the balance between work and leisure that suits you exactly. You can therefore create a plan that suits your personal needs and lifestyle without having to ask anyone for permission.

Tips for being one successful freelancer

Becoming an independent freelancer can feel overwhelming at first. Not to mention the large amount of flexibility and freedom you suddenly get - because how do you handle it best?

Here, many have to learn to find themselves again and pay attention, because now it is you who have all the control in your working life.

If you have fallen in love with all your advantages as a self-employed person, here are some tips for you who have thrown yourself into life as your own boss:

  • When and how do you work best?

It can be a good idea to track down when you actually work best and are most efficient. Now you don't have to sit in the office all day, so do you work best in the morning, noon or evening? As a self-employed person, it pays to be efficient and structured so that you can get the most out of your new freedom!

  • Ask for help and outsource tasks

If some tasks are too boring or unmanageable, it pays to ask for help or to outsource some tasks. It can, for example, be help with the accounts and administration from e.g. an accountant, accountant or a freelance agency such as Factofly. As a self-employed person, you don't have to do everything yourself.

  • Believe in yourself and strengthen your mindset

When you're suddenly faced with it all yourself, it's incredibly important to develop a strong mindset. It is usually a good idea to believe that you can do a little more than you actually think you can - because that is usually the case, and then the belief in yourself will slowly strengthen, and your mindset will develop in step with your business.

  • Structure your time

If all your newfound freedom is not to end up being swallowed up by work, then it might be a good idea to structure your time. You can try several models to find one that suits you, or you can set some goals or frameworks for how little or how much you want to work and when. Remember to take time off when you have time off!

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