See how Factofly's features help you with more freedom for your business

Factofly is your business-in-a-box, and helps you as self employed to charge you without your own CVR number. You can use us for a single task, your side job and side hustle, or your full-time career.

You can click on each of the Factofly features below, and read more about how the various pillars of our product help you to have more freedom and flexibility in your everyday life.

Read more about how you invoice as a private person through Factofly.

Read more about how you are covered as a freelancer.

Read more about how we handle yours expenses in connection with your work, and see what we can help you get a deduction for.

Factofly is ideal for you who are in contact with the unemployment benefit system. Read more about how Factofly helps you who are on daily allowance.

You can now get faster access to your money

In addition to helping you invoicing without your own CVR number, our latest Factofly features are also a helping hand to improve liquidity in your own business.

If we can go in and make a positive credit assessment of the customer, we can offer you quick access to your money – regardless of how long your customer's payment deadline is.

You can choose it yourself from time to time, when it makes sense for you. There can be many reasons for choosing to have your money paid out immediately, but basically we see the big companies pressurizing small suppliers in a slightly unfair relationship.

You don't have to compromise with which customers you can and can't work with because of a long payment deadline, and here we want to make it easier to say yes to the big ones contracts.

fast payout