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What is an offer?

An offer, or customer offer, is a document or a communication (e.g. e-mail) that you as self employed supplier sends to a prospect customer, naturally with the ambition to sell your service and start a collaboration.

The offer typically contains details about the problem and the solution sought, an overview of the service offered, including prices, conditions, and often unique benefits or discounts.

The goal of a customer offer is to convince the recipient of the value of what the company offers and to initiate a sales process. A good customer offer is tailored to the recipient's needs and preferences, and is presented in a convincing and professional manner.

Offer template

What should a good offer contain?

A good offer must be both persuasive and informative, and must clearly communicate the value of what you are offering.

Here are the key elements to include in an effective offer:

  1. Clear Heading: Start with a catchy headline that immediately grabs the recipient's attention. It must briefly explain what the offer is about.
  2. Detailed description: Provide a detailed description of the products or services you offer. It is important to be precise and clear so that the customer understands what to expect.
  3. Price information: Be transparent about prices. Include details of how the price was determined, any discounts, and whether there are additional costs.
  4. The benefits: In addition to the basic description, highlight the unique benefits or values that your products or services offer. How do they differ from competitors?
  5. Time Limits: If your offer is limited in time, be sure to include this information. It creates a sense of speed and can motivate the customer to act quickly.
  6. Customer Testimonials: Include positive testimonials or recommendations from previous customers. This can increase credibility and convince potential customers to take action.
  7. Contact Information: Make it easy for the customer to contact you. Include multiple contact methods, such as phone number, email, and possibly an address.
  8. Prepare the next step: End with a strong call to action (CTA) that tells the customer what they need to do next – whether it's to call, send an email, or visit your website.

Remember, a good offer is more than just a price list; it's an opportunity to build a relationship and show the value of what you offer.

When a customer asks for a quote, you are often not alone. Therefore, make sure you are precise about the value you deliver and why you should be chosen.