Why freelancers choose Factofly over e-conomic

Factofly is the easiest way to be a freelancer, where you can get paid without the hassle of CVR no., bookkeeping program and administration.

e-conomic vs. Factofly

We help more than 1,200 freelancers get paid - without the need for e-conomic or other accounting programs

Brilliant concept!

In my opinion, Factofly is a brilliant concept! My first experience with you has been really good. Easy, smart and without all the worries that you can have with paying tax and VAT. The rent that Factofly gets is worth all the money :)

– Simone Krogh Prein

Factofly trustpilot

Professional and user-friendly

"Factofly is super professional, user friendly and trustworthy. It's a fantastic tool for freelancers who want to make sure that administrative tasks are handled in an efficient and smooth manner. Big recommendation!"

– Heidi F.

Factofly trustpilot

God's gift to the self-employed

"Factofly is God's gift to us self-employed people who want to do what we are good at and leave everything that we don't really want to spend time on (and are not necessarily that good at), but still something that needs to be taken care of. It is worth all the money and then some.”

– Benedicte Haavardsholm

Factofly trustpilot

Invoice w/o a registered business and get paid in one simple platform

With Factofly you can be a freelancer without any hassle.

You neither need to create a CVR number nor find an accounting program such as e-conomic to be able to get paid.

We've brought it all together in one place so you can focus on getting the job done. 

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factofly handles VAT accounting and administration

Say goodbye to VAT accounting

As a Factofly user, we handle all administration for you, so you can spend time on what matters.

Family, friends, hobby, or maybe dust up a few more customers. In any case, we deliver a good amount of time back to you - what you use it for is up to you. 

Experience an easier everyday life as freelancer

No binding or starting difficulties

To get started with Factofly, you don't need:

  • CVR number
  • Business account
  • Insurance
  • Accounting program

It's easy to get started and you only pay for what you use.
Factofly costs 6% of your invoice before tax. You can read more about ours prices here

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appear professional without a CVR number

Appear professional - even without CVR no.

Factofly is your administration partner and handles your incoming cash flow.

We clearly communicate our role between you and your customer, so that you appear professional and trustworthy.

Why freelancers love Factofly

No administration

Variable cost

Deductions for expenses

More time for business

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