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Freelance administration fixed

Freelance administration fixed

Factofly puts your administration on autopilot,
so you can put all your energy into your business.

Invoice like a business

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Approved vendor with more than 100 enterprises – so you can head straight to work

Approved vendor with more than 100 enterprises – so you can head straight to work

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Invoice w/o a CVR no. and get paid all in one simple platform

Invoice w/o a CVR no. and get paid all in one simple platform

We have made it a whole lot easier to work as a freelancer. Do the job and get paid without your own company or CVR no. – and without wasting precious time on admin work. That’s our job.

No commitment

No commitment

You’re only paying when you’re using Factofly, giving you a flexible solution to go with your earnings.

We are here for you when you have an idea worth testing, a side-hustle needing to be invoiced, or your entire business that needs to be checked.

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A friction free start

A friction free start

To get started with Factofly you don’t need:

  • CVR number
  • Business account
  • Insurance
  • Accounting program

You’ll never have to worry about any of that, and getting started is just as easy as the platform is to use.

Your direct line to HQ

Your direct line to HQ

We’re easy to get a hold of if you cannot find a proper answer to your questions.

Our team is superfast answering you either on phone or the onsite chat.

Call us at +45 71 96 00 54

Factofly er tilgængelige på telefon, email og on-site chat

As easy as it gets

As easy as it gets if you are self-employed and want to avoid adminstration.

It has been the perfect choice for me. It works perfectly every time. Easy to navigate and very good service whenever I need it.”

– Claus Klarup, Management Consultant

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Designed to make your life a whole lot easier

With Factofly you can run your business w/o administering it


As soon as your money hits our account we will process and make the payout. Everything has been handled so you don’t have to worry about anything else than what you’ll be spending your money on.

Insured while

We make sure to have your back when you perform a task under our wings, why you’ll automatically be insured while working.

Tax optimized

We want to see you with as much money as possible, and we make sure that all expenses in relation to the tasks you are performing are being deducted.

on autopilot

When you hit “send” on your invoice, we will take care of everything: get the payment, file VAT and taxes, handle insurance and holiday pay.

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What does an invoice sent via Factofly look like?2022-05-16T11:52:26+02:00

You can find an example of an invoice sent through Factofly right here.

How much is Factofly?2022-05-16T11:57:12+02:00

Factofly costs 6% of your invoice before taxes.

How is my salary calculated?2022-05-23T13:04:21+02:00

As self-employed at Factofly you’ll get payout as a normal salary and a pair slip. Just like you know it from a “normal” job. The big difference is, that you can deduct your expenses before taxes. This means that you can enjoy all the benefits and freedom as an entrepreneur just without any administration.

Exactly what is paid out to you, depends on your individual tax matters. You can get an estimate right here.

Give us a call and we’ll make an exact calculation for you.

Do I look unprofessional without my own CVR no.?2022-05-16T11:58:48+02:00

Factofly is your admin partner, and we handle all your incoming cashflow. We’ll be communicating our role between you and your customer very clearly, so you can look professional and trustworthy.

Are there any limits to how much I can invoice?2022-05-16T11:59:53+02:00

No, there are no limits for how much – or how little – you can invoice through Factofly.

Simple pricing.
Transparent terms.

Factofly’s pricing is rather simple: you will only pay when you need us. That means, that when you use Factoflty to invoice your clients and get paid, you will pay a fixed service fee. That will automatically get deducted from your invoice.

In return we can make a fast payout, and handle VAT, taxes and all the other boring stuff straight away.

Get paid 👋

How much is Factofly?

6% of your invoice before taxes

with Factofly you’ll get:

  • Free signup

  • No monthly cost

  • Deduction for expenses

  • No hidden fees

  • No extra cost to your client(s)

  • Insured while working

  • Fast customer service

  • Possibility for salary while sick

We’re helping more than 1.000 freelancers get paid

Worth every penny!

Factofly is nothing short of a brilliant concept! It’s easy, smart and without any worries you would have figuring out VAT and taxes. Factofly’s fee is worth every penny.

– Simone Krogh Prein

Professional and easy to use

“Factofly is very professional, easy to use and trustworthy. An incredible tool for freelancers wanting to make sure that all admin tasks are handled effectively.”

 – Heidi F.

God’s gift for the self-epmloyed

“Factofly is God’s gift for us self-employed, who want to do what e do best, and leave the rest in the hands of experts. Worth it – and then some. 

– Benedicte Haavardsholm

Focus on what’s important to you

Focus on what’s important to you

On average freelancers spend 13.6 hours on administration every month. Time stolen from the business or just things that are a little bit more fun. (And that will be most.)

We’re making sure that the “only” thing you need to do is run your sales and deliver the work. Administation, VAT, taxes, and insurance are all handled by us.

Factofly giver dig fuld frihed til din forretning

Put your administration on autopilot

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