Become a Factofly partner 👋

Factofly partners provide a multitude of different services within online freelance networks, coaching, co-working spaces, podcasts, blogs and a whole lot of other things. If you touch base with an audience that includes freelancers, side hustlers, the self-employed, or the self-employed, read on.

We provide material to help you with promotion. It includes logos, images, and marketing material you can pull off the shelf and shoot.

To become a partner, you can apply through our partner program or contact us directly.

Factofly's partner program

Factofly's Partner Program is the easiest way to team up with us. You have the opportunity to earn money introducing Factofly to new freelancers, and it does not require any additional investment on your part.

How does it work?

As a partner, you earn DKK 300 for each active user who registers through your unique link. An active user is a user who sends an invoice through Factofly. Simple as that!

As a partner, you also have the opportunity to offer your audience up to a 50% discount from ours wont fairy on their first invoice as an extra benefit.

We pay your earnings monthly. When we have calculated the activity from your referrals and checked for fraud, you will receive a statement and amount that you can subsequently invoice us for.

Contact us directly

If you have a larger audience or there are some things you need answers to, you can contact our CMO, Jeppe, directly at jeppe[at]