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Welcome to this week's edition of Freelance Fuel, where, as always, we share curated content that can hopefully inspire your business, or be the starting point to get started.

We're back after a little Christmas break and I hope you've been enjoying some slower days too. Now it's time to turn up the boilers again. If you are among the 316 newcomers here, welcome to Denmark's leading newsletter about freelancing.

Today we look at what hit during 2023, and have collected them ten most popular things we have shared in 2023.

Let's get started.

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🤓 10. Start from 0

Ali Abdal

How would a YouTuber with over 4,000,000 subscribers start from scratch today?

For Ali Abdal, it's about breaking things down into a 3-step framework - and it can also be copied even if you don't necessarily dream of becoming the next YT star.

1. Get going

The big barrier for many people is their fear of what others will think. In reality, it is primarily about getting started and creating an output.

2. Get good

The second step revolves around becoming good (enough). In his YouTube perspective, the skills can be broken down into 3 parts: editing, thumbnail creation, and the art of talking to the camera.

For a freelancer within, for example, digital marketing, it could be called: value-creating offer, technical level, and reporting.

3. Get smart

Ali's third step is to get people to click on his videos, get them to stick around, and leave them satisfied. That part is not that different from a customer journey for a freelancer.

⚙️ 9. Copywriting examples

Copywriting examples

Copywriting Examples is not a definitive tool as such, but the collection of inspirational texts is so strong that we can squeeze it into that box.


📚 8. Recommended Reading: The Best Books of 2023 According to Ryan Holiday

Recommended Reading: The Best Books of 2023 According to Ryan Holiday

You might know Ryan Holiday from his bookshis podcasthis Joe Rogan interview, or maybe he just popped up somewhere on the web.

RH inhales books like few others and it's always worth giving his monthly reading lists a look.

He is ready with the best books he has read in 2023, and if you need some material for Christmas, so there are a few recommendations to pick up here.

🖐 7. Your first five customers

Everything must be hard before it can be easy.

Here, Hormozi takes us through his framework for getting new customers, and even if you're already in full swing on your own, there's still a nugget or two you can use in your business today.

Here's the short breakdown (want in detail, you can see the video here):

1. List building: build your lead list based on your existing contacts across phone, email and social media.

2. You're not going to sell them: Reach out systematically with one personalangle. But instead of trying to sell to them, you ask if they know anyone who might need your service.

3. Give it for free: If you have not yet landed the first customer, you start by giving away your service "for free". In any case, free means that there is no money involved! On the other hand, it is a requirement that your customer uses or implements your work, gives feedback and (not least) leaves a glowing review.

4. Rinse and repeat: Do it again and again until you slowly build up a customer group. As you build a portfolio, you also slowly lower your discount from 100% towards 0%.

🤌 6. 4 solopreneurs and their secrets

It is always worth more to hear from the horse's own mouth how the money comes in than it is to read dusty theory about how to should do.

4 successful solopreneurs shares insights about their business and what they have done to land an annual income on the heavy side of $1m.

🔖 5. Instant bookmark for creative blockages

Instant bookmark for creative blocks

Do you bother with a good old fashioned creative block, or do you just need fresh inspiration for your next project?

Here are three pages that could well get an instant bookmark:

👏 curated.design

👾 land.book

🥷 refero.design

💸 4. There are also big customers on Upwork

Upwork has a reputation for being the place where you can compete against freelancers worldwide for the wonderful opportunity to create a logo for $5.

But Upwork also has many openings for well-paid projects, and it is perhaps a platform that, with the right approach, can bear a second look.

When we skim the numbers, more than 3,000,000 jobs are posted on Upwork daily. If we filter out all the low-paid jobs, and at the same time zoom in on a given niche, we end up with $1.4m worth of tasks that have a ticket size of over $5,000. Every single day.

If you want to compete here, you must of course have the systems in place, and we have found a geeky hands-on video guide that shows you exactly how you can be involved here.

👨‍💻 3. The secret rise of the over-employed

The secret rise of the over-employed

During the corona shutdown, a peculiar new trend emerged - over-employment (OE).

In other words, remote employees who took advantage of the situation and took two or more full-time jobs at the same time.

"The first rule of OE is you don't talk about OE."

A funny glimpse of a crazy development of the labor market.

You may be inspired to do the same. We might recommend starting your own agency and juggling employers as clients instead.

🚂 2. We solopreneurship keep pace

Justin welsh 2024 predictions

🎬 1. A successful newsletter and an existential crisis

I love hearing about how others have built their business, and especially the stories that move a little closer to reality.

Steve Jobs had speed, but there is a limit to how much Apple inspiration you can draw from a one-man business. And in the end, so ranks freedom infinitely higher than being able to stick your name on a new piece of tech.

Alex Lieberman built the newsletter empire Morning Brew up, which he was skilled and lucky enough to sell for a staggering $75m.

The time after the sale shot him directly into an existential crisis (it is hard to become financially independent) that has now taken him to a place of focusing on a balanced life rather than building the next unicorn.

An extraordinary amount of value has been packed into the 18 minutes and 20 seconds here, and plenty of inspiration for where you can take your business.

(If you want to see more of Alex, you can follow him on LinkedIn here.)

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