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Welcome to this week's edition of Freelance Fuel, where, as always, we share curated content that can hopefully inspire your business, or be the starting point to get started.

Today we look at Google Gemini, recommended reading, how to build an irresistible personal brand, events to be on the calendar, and Ali Abdal on creative work.

Let's get started.

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📚 Google Gemini

Google Gemini

Google is on the way with their latest AI update, Gemini, and a serious competitor to ChatGPT.

If you are curious about what it can really help you with, I can recommend it this thread as well this – these are not small things.

If you just want to get started, jump right in https://bard.google.com/chat and see what it can do.

📚 Recommended reading: Stop thinking like a freelancer

Stop thinking like a freelancer

Liam Veitch does in Stop thinking like a freelancer up with some of the stereotypes that have long surrounded freelancing.

Veitch himself comes with scars from the arena, and what makes this book interesting is how he has had two waves of freelancing.

The first where his income fluctuated from month to month.

And again three years after, when he found the key and bothered over $1m/year.

Basically, it's about not caring what everyone else thinks. Except your customers. 

❤️‍🔥 Build an irresistible personal brand

How do you create yourself as a brand that is authentic and “imperfect”?

When we try to push a corporate branding framework over a personal brand, it tends to ring hollow and feel forced.

Here, Chris Do gives his take on how to shape your original, authentic brand.

🗓 4 events you don't want to miss in 2024

4 events you don't want to miss in 2024
  1. International Conference on Business and Entrepreneurship Development (ICBED): This conference takes place on 10 June 2024 in Copenhagen and focuses on business development and entrepreneurship.
  2. International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ICSEI): Also on 10 June 2024 in Copenhagen, this conference covers social entrepreneurship and innovation.
  3. International Conference on Green Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Growth (ICGESG): Scheduled for 19 July 2024 in Copenhagen, this conference focuses on green entrepreneurship and sustainable growth.
  4. TechBBQ: This event takes place on the 11th-12th. September 2024 and offers a unique experience with world-class content, networking opportunities and fun, specifically designed for tech entrepreneurs and those interested in the startup culture.

🎬 Get going, get good, get smart

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