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Do you need a simple and free invoice template as a private person? Fill in and download our easy invoice template and start invoicing your customers quickly and easily.

  • Create your invoice easily
  • Meets all legal requirements
  • Download as PDF
  • Quite free!
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You can also invoice and leave the administration to Factofly

If you want an easier way to handle your invoices, you can let Factofly take care of the administration for you. Factofly offers a solution where you can invoice without worrying about the tedious administrative tasks. Here is what we offer:

  • Invoicing without CVR number: With Factofly you can as a private person invoicing without a CVR number. This makes it easy for you to send invoices, even if you do not have a registered company.

  • Tax, VAT and deductions: We take care of all tax and VAT obligations. This includes calculating and reporting tax and VAT, so you don't have to worry about it.

  • Payment as normal salary: Your income is paid out as a regular salary, which means that you get the money directly into your account without delays.

  • No commitment: You only pay for the services you use. There are no subscription fees or long-term contracts.

  • No need for insurance and business account: You don't need to invest in insurance, business account or accounting software. Factofly handles it all for you.

Some things to be aware of when you download our free invoice template and send an invoice:

Legal requirements for your invoice as a private person

When you write a invoice as a private person to a company, there are a number of legal requirements that you must be aware of. Here are the main elements that should be included:

  • Date: The invoice's issue date must always be stated.
  • Invoice number: A unique and consecutive numbering of the invoices to ensure traceability.
  • Seller's name and address: Your full name and address must be clearly stated.
  • Buyer's name and address: The recipient's full name and address must also be included.
  • Description of services or goods: A clear description of the services provided or goods sold.
  • Delivery date: The date when the services were delivered or the goods were sold.
  • Price per unit and total price: Unit price and the total price of the services or goods.
  • VAT basis and VAT amount: If you are VAT registered, you must enter the VAT rate and the total VAT amount. If you are not VAT registered, this must also be clearly stated.
  • Payment terms: Details of the payment deadline and any late payment fees.
  • CVR/CPR number: If you do not have a CVR number, you must enter at least the first 6 digits of your CPR number. However, the company has a claim to your full CPR number.
legal requirements for invoices
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It's easier with Factofly

Our template meets all these requirements and is set up correctly, regardless of whether you are looking for an invoice template for individuals, freelancers or the self-employed. By using our template, you ensure that your invoice is legally correct and professionally designed.

If you would like to have the administration sorted out for you, at Factofly we can handle the administrative headache and pay your money directly as a normal salary. This makes it easy for you to focus on your work without worrying about the administrative details.

Invoice template with and without VAT

Our invoice template is flexible and can be completed both with and without VAT, depending on your needs. Here's what you need to know when filling out our invoice template:

  • With VAT: If you are VAT registered, make sure to clearly state the VAT amount on the invoice. This includes specifying the VAT rate and the total VAT amount. Our template helps you calculate these amounts automatically.
  • Without VAT: If you are not VAT registered or if the transaction is VAT exempt, you can complete the invoice without including VAT. Remember to clearly indicate that the invoice is VAT-exempt, so that there is no confusion for your customer.

Regardless of whether you need to invoice with or without VAT, our template ensures that all necessary information is included and that your invoice meets the legal requirements. This makes it easy and fast for you to send correct and professional invoices.

At Factofly, we also offer to take care of your invoices!

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How to get started with your free invoice template

It is easy and quick to get started with our free invoice template. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on Create & Download invoice: Start the process by clicking the “Create & Download Invoice” button on this page.
  2. Fill in all information: Enter your details, including your name, address, customer details, description of the services or goods provided, prices, and any VAT details.
  3. Click on Create invoice: When all necessary information is filled in, click on “Create invoice” to generate your finished invoice.
  4. Use our service at Factofly. It's much easier.

Accounting obligation

All companies in Denmark have bookkeeping obligation.

For you as a business owner, this means that you have an obligation to store accounting material for 5 years.

When you use Factofly to get paid, we have your back, so you don't have to worry about saving old invoices. We handle it all for you.

Landing | Invoice template
invoice as a private person with factofly

You can also give yourself the gift of full focus

Get it all outsourced like more than 6,000 freelancers, solopreneurs and side hustlers who use Factofly to get paid without having to think about administration.

It's easy to get started, costs nothing when you use us, and allows you to focus fully on your business.

Administration on autopilot

Frequently asked questions about invoicing

An invoice or bill is a document that specifies and requires payment for the goods or services agreed between a supplier (you) and a customer. An invoice specifies the service that you, as a supplier, have delivered and informs, among other things, quantity, prices and payment terms.

An invoice is an official document that describes the services or goods supplied and the amount to be paid. The word "faktura" comes from the Latin "facere", which means "to make" or "to create".

An invoice must contain certain information to be valid. When you sell a product or service to other companies for more than DKK 3,000 or to private individuals for more than DKK 5,000, the invoice must contain at least the following:

  • Invoice number: Unique identification number for the invoice.
  • Invoice date: The date on which the invoice is issued.
  • Your company's (seller's) information: Name, address and CVR/SE number or CPR number.
  • Customer information: Name and address.
  • Description of goods/services: Type, quantity (extent) and price.
  • Delivery date: If this differs from the invoice date.
  • Payment deadline

If you sell goods or services subject to VAT, the invoice must also contain:

  • Total price without VAT and price per unit: Total amount before VAT.
  • VAT rate and VAT amount: The applicable VAT rate and the calculated VAT amount.

For example, you must issue a full invoice if, as a freelancer, you perform a task for a customer and the price exceeds DKK 5,000.

If you are VAT registered, you must state the VAT rate and the total VAT amount on the invoice. If you are not VAT registered, this must be clearly stated so that your customer does not get confused.

A receipt is a document that shows that a product or service has been paid for. Receipts are given or sent to the customer when they have completed a purchase and typically document the items purchased, the price of each item and the total price of the purchase.

An invoice is a bill sent to a customer for services or products that have been provided. The invoice documents what has been delivered as well as payment terms including price and due date.

An invoice and a bill are two words for the same thing and are used for a document that is given to the customer and shows which service or item the customer has purchased and must pay for. Typically, "invoice" is used when a company has to settle with another company, where a "bill" is given to a private person.

As a private individual, you have the option of invoicing VAT-free in your own CPR number up to DKK 50,000 per year. Remember to always report your income to tax and have your advance statement updated on an ongoing basis so that you don't get any surprises when the annual statement arrives.

If you sell your time and knowledge, you also have the option of invoicing through Factofly - even if your income is below DKK 50,000 in a year. Factofly takes care of all the administrative work for you, and pays out your money as a normal salary. You can read much more about Factofly and create a free profile right here.