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You can also invoice without your own CVR number with Factofly

Factofly helps you as a private person with invoicing.

  • With Factofly you can invoicing without a CVR number

  • We handle all taxes, VAT, deductions and pay your money as a normal salary
  • No binding. You only pay for what you use.
  • No need for insurance, business account or accounting software

Some things you should be aware of when creating and sending your invoice:

Legal requirements for invoices

When you write an invoice, there a number of requirements for information on the invoice. It includes, among other things:

  • Date
  • Place
  • Invoice number
  • VAT basis and a number of other things.

The invoice you fill in and download here meets all requirements and is set up correctly, regardless of whether you are looking for an invoice template for a private person, an invoice template for a consultant or other business use

If you would like to have the administration sorted out for you, you can Factofly cope with the administrative headache, and pay your money directly as a normal salary.

legal requirements for invoices
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What is an invoice?

An invoice or bill is a document that specifies and requires payment for the goods or services agreed between a supplier (you) and a customer.

An invoice specifies the service you, as a supplier, have provided, and informs, among other things, quantity, prices and payment terms.

Remember your bookkeeping duty

If you use the invoice here as a company, remember that all companies in Denmark have bookkeeping obligation.

This means that you are obliged to keep accounting material for 5 years.

If you use Factofly to get paid instead, we have your back and you therefore don't have to worry about saving old invoices.

We handle it all for you.

Landing | Invoice template
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