The new era of workforce management has arrived

Your external workforce employed by us – staffed with you.
Welcome to the modern way to manage your freelancers.

Factofly workforce management
Factofly | B2B Solution
Factofly | B2B Solution
Factofly | B2B Solution
Factofly | B2B Solution
Freelance administration made easy

Hire and pay your external workforce

with a click of a button

Employed by us. Staffed with you.

We hire your consultants directly and act as their employer. You’ll receive an invoice at the end of each month. It’s the easy way to work with the best, and adjust your workforce with the season.

Identify your talent and onboard them immediately

Find your talent and get them started right away. Experience zero onboarding delay with our plug-and-play employment solution.

Everything handled and in compliance

Employ in full compliance with local Danish law. Your talent is insured and we automatically file their taxes when making the payout.

Improved liquidity

We make sure that your talent is paid on time, every time. We offer to match your standard vendor payment terms for improved liquidity.

More than a payroll service

Scale without increasing admin workload

Making life easier for you

Hiring, complying and paying your external workforce is as easy as buying a cup of coffee with Factofly’s workforce management.

Factofly | B2B Solution
Factofly | B2B Solution

… And easier for your talent

Your talent is up and running straight out of the gate. No need for a CVR number, business account or separate insurance.
Don’t be slowed down by tedious paperwork ever again.